Saturday, October 4, 2008

The case of the missing CTR ring

Some sad news to report on this dreary Saturday afternoon. My CTR ring has been stolen!!! Or maybe (probably not) just missing. I was sitting in sacrament and needed some lotion, so I took off my ring, sat it on the bench and put on lotion, but then didn't put my ring back on. I went on with classes and got to my last class, raised my hand to answer the question and rubbed my thumb on my ring finger out of habit to spin it and noticed it was gone! I gasped really loud and the teacher probably thought I was nuts! So as soon as I had answered the question, I ran down the hall back into the chapel to the bench and it was gone!! I searched the floor, bench and hymn book holders. It was gone. I went to ask my mom if she picked it up and no, she didn't. So then I asked the bishop bric if someone had turned it in, no one had. So then I asked the primary teacher who's class cleaned the chapel after sacrament and no one had turned anything in. So it's gone... I was so sad, I got home and bawled. My mom gave me that ring and I am lost without it. I still out of habit try to spin my missing ring. It's just gone.... and I'm sad and it's probably with some dishonest little primary child who thought that they could give my ring to their mommy and they would be happy. Maybe they should have a lesson on honesty! So until then I will be on the lookout for my missing ring. I have enclosed a picture for reference... (I'm kinda chuckling at this whole thing, but it's funny to write even though the subject is not funny at all!)