Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year for Valentine's I decided to make a heart shaped cake for Trent. I love to bake, but this cake... for some reason just didn't sound fun to me. I had to frost it and decorate it?? Who does that for fun?! Alas, I did it! I made the cake on Sunday night so that it would be cooled down enough for me to decorate on Monday. I told Trent that I was making the cake for my mom. He believed me. Good job me!! It worked out perfectly. Right before we went out for dinner, I gave him his cake. He was surprised!

He did a good job at spoiling me today. He woke me up with a basket of bubble bath and bath salts. LOVED THEM! Then when I got home there was a dozen white roses! They are gorgeous and I put them on my night stand so that I can look at them first thing in the morning. We were going to try out the new Chinese place in town, but after we went and picked up our "other" date (my mom), it was PACKED! So we decided to just go with boring old cowans instead. I should have just made dinner, probably would have been better. But Trent wanted to take us out, so I couldn't complain! lol

I am so greatful for my husband and friend. Thanks for listening to me complain and letting me cry for hours about the stupidest of things, especially lately. Thank you for a great day! I love you so much and hope we have many more Valentines Days to come!