Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy what? Oh... HOLY COW!!!

Four times a year there is a large craft sale in Pleasant Grove. My Aunts, Mom and a few other friends have been going for the past few years. Well last year they decided I was grown up enough to go with them, haha. So I was expecting a HUGE building filled with crafts that you could make or take home already made, since I had already seen some of the stuff that my mom and Aunt Christy had brought home with them. So I was pumped! I was super excited because we were going when it was a mixture of Halloween, Thankgsiving and Christmas things for sale. I purchased some presents for my mother in law and then for myself of course. I was super excited because I bought a picture of the Timpanogas Temple for a great price and a plaque to hang on my wall in my room. I was getting ready to redo my room in sepia tone's and blue's, so I was really excited to get home and hang it on the wall. But of course, I felt bad that I got all this stuff for me and nothing for my husband. Boy was I excited when I walked around a corner and there was a big table full of baked goods. Chocolate chip cookies to be exact. The biggest, yummiest chocolate chip cookies I had ever seen. So I got some, he loved them of course. I was super pumped when my mom told me that the next dates were March 25-28th! I was hoping to spend some more time with my aunts and their friends, plus Lindsey was coming this time!! Unfortunately, Susie and Shelly couldn't come because of timing and Lindsey was coming on Friday, not Thursday, so we weren't going to be able to see her either. So we set off to go spend a butt load of money on things for ourselves. haha! Heidi was driving, thank heavens! Because we hit a wicked wind/snow storm on Strawberry that we could barely see in front of us some of the time. I have never been so grateful for those stupid rumble strips ever! I don't know if we had been able to know where we were if it weren't for those things. But we made it and bought a bunch of fun stuff. I took a picture of some of my items. My favorite purchase would probably be the sunflower girl. I am so excited for the weather to warm up so that I can plant some flowers in her little bucket!! The funniest thing happened while I was trying to get my stuff organized to take a picture. My mom and sister's cat, Maggie, decided that she really really liked the sunflower girl...
Maggie would NOT leave her alone. I finally had to shove her out of the picture really quickly to take a picture. But then as soon as I was done, she started sniffing and just layed down by it. Silly cat!! But nevertheless, we had a great time. I bought a Easter present for the my neice and nephew. I am so excited to give it to them!! They have everything there! From baked goods, to vinyl lettering, to premade crafts, to pictures, to a few small clothes stands. It is sooo much fun! So I have enclosed for my dear readers the address and the dates. So that you can also go and spend a fun day with friends, family and anyone else that has a craft shopping addiction!

Holy Cow Boutique, held at the Old Pleasant Grove Rec Center: 65 East 200 South.
Blogspot website: www.holycowboutique.blogspot.com
Dates for 2009: Mother's Day: May 6th-9th, Harvest: September 23rd-26th, & Christmas: November 18-21st


Monday, March 16, 2009

ANOTHER Birthday party??!!

My goodness!! So my last post was about Megan's visit to town for Grandpa's bday and Spring Break, but then Morgan had his birthday also a few days later and then my cousin Shawn's is this week... and then we had a visitor who our family has adopted that we haven't been able to see in a very long time. My mom's best friend, Traci! So the family started out the day with a little four wheeling in Nights Hollow.

Along our little jaunt through the trails, we saw these amazing pieces of ice that had broken off of the middle of the lake and the waves caused it to form this formation. I had a couple of lovely family members get on and pose for all of you viewers. If you can't tell who they are, I'll give you a hint... it's Trent and Chad... good hint huh?
Then afterwards it was time for an amazing cake that I had built... I made two of them, but I made the one that I made for Emily's birthday, which was the banana crunch cake. But my masterpiece that I stole from Jody Martin, thanks Jodi! was a candy barrel cake. It was a big hit! And I had a fun time making it. We had to have the party for all four of them because it's always best with big numbers right? But I just wanted to say how nice it was to spend some time with Traci. I hadn't seen her since my wedding and her son had recently passed away, so I was excited to see her. So I hope she has a good birthday! It's not until the first part of April, but it was fun to spend it with "extended" family. lol! I hope that everyone had a good birthday! I had fun seeing everyone again, but I fear that if I see another cake in the near future, I will throw up! So if you have a birthday, don't expect me to be part of the cake eating, because I can't! I tried to get a good picture of the four birthday "kids", but Morgan was scowling and Traci kept closing her eyes... so this is the best I got.

Fun Stuff

Megan, Ben and the kids came out for Spring Break. Not the whole thing, but long enough to spend some time with the family and for Ben to do a little homework and Megan to make a carrot cake for Grandpa for his birthday. She made the cake and I made the frosting, but something happened (I'm pretty sure it was the frosting) and it didn't taste the same as it normally does. I LOVE Megan's carrot cake, so I know it wasn't her. But never the less, we had a good time. In other news, Andrew and Olivia have grown up a bit since I saw them last. Olivia was up on her knee's rocking back and forth trying to crawl and get Andrew's trains.
Andrew had been calling my mom "Pa" for the longest time, until this weekend! HAHA!! He has now started calling her Grandpa!!! ROFL!! I know those of you reading this are laughing right along with me. I have to laugh because now my mother is having an identity crisis. But whether or not she was being called Pa or Grandpa she had a great time playing with her two favorite people in the world. I was glad to see them again. I had planned on going two weeks before to Logan, but ended up having a bad cold and had to pay bills. So I was soooo excited to see them! It was a short visit, but I think we had fun. I love spending time with Andrew and Olivia because it makes me feel young again. Playing trains, talking like a complete moron and completely different language. And Olivia crawled as soon as they got home! So I hope that I get to spend some time with them again before she learns how to walk!!! lol I miss having all my family here. It's nice when everyone comes out. We play games, talk, watch movies, etc. Ben, Megan, my mom, Trent and I watched some old John Wayne movie until 11:30 or so. It was a funny movie, but the best part was just getting to spend time with them.