Sunday, June 14, 2009

Memorial Weekend

My dear husband LOVES WWE... I personally can't stand it and wanted to hurt myself for even thinking it would be a great idea to get tickets on the 13th row on the floor for my husband for Easter. But like a good wife, I did it and of course, he was thrilled!! We decided to make a weekend out of it. We went Saturday to WWE,

which wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. Except all the people screaming bad words behind us and drinking... but we had a great time and I was excited that I finally did something that Trent loved to do. I love my husband more than I could even explain! So it was well worth it to see a smile on his face.

Crazy friends!

In the past 6 months, I have gained some more friends... well they were friends before, but now they are friends that I actually go and do things with, regardless of the age difference between all of us. We span from 33 down to 21. And you could never tell! We all act like we are 21, so it's a wonderful thing for all of us. We had a birthday party for Courtney at our friend Mandy's house (since she is the only one NOT living with her parents). She was turning 21, so we had a little surprise party for her. We told her that we were going to Roosevelt for poker night, little did she know that we would soon bust out the cake, feather boa and hair accessories. ROFL!!! Little did we all know that Felicia (Wren) would get jealous of Court's boa and steal it from her! RUDE!! Don't ask what the funky face is for... she was doing it all night. We had a good time for the most part, a little drama, but that's to be expected. LOL! jkjk But I have great friends and I am glad that I have them, they give me a reason to get out of my house and just have good ole' fashion fun again. It feels good and makes me feel young. We all have nicknames for each other. I am Rexi, short for Tyranasaurus Rex. Because one day we were trying to figure out the name of this band on this movie and I said that I had the movie at home, they told me to go get it and we could put it in and find out the name. I said well where are we gonna watch it and they said uh on your laptop. I said it's on a VHS... they then say, whoa T-Rex... so that's my name! Then there is Mandy, who's name is Extreme and we call her Remi. Everything with her is soooo extreme! Then of course, the reason for the party, Courtney. We haven't been able to figure out a real nickname for her yet, but we call her Roxy cuz she has Roxy everything! And we must not forget Felicia, aka Wren. She is always insisting that she is brown, not white, and one day at work she was chirping like a little bird. So we looked online and found that there is a little brown bird called a Wren. And so it was, that Felicia became Wren. Thanks guys for letting me be your friend and putting up with my crap! I love you all! Thanks for listen to me whine and complain about one thing or another. And thanks for the fun lunch dates and poker nights when we just let loose and have fun!

Family Day!

My family, minus Trent cuz he was at work, went to the hogle zoo the week after Mothers Day because we had decided last year when we went on Mothers Day weekend that we would make it a tradition. Well the week after this mothers day, the zoo was getting the Madagascar exhibit, so we decided to wait. It was a beautiful day! Susie, Chad & Shawn were able to join us. I love when we get to see the family. And we waiting a little while for the Logan crew to make it. Meaning: My sister and her family. And of course the very first thing we do is go see the Madagascar exhibit. On the way there, the snake that was in the exhibit was outside with one of the zoo workers. If any of you know me very well, you will then know that i am TERRIFIED of snakes. So I walked as far away from it as possible. So my cousin Chad got this picture for me. Thanks Chad! The exhibit itself was not impressive. The animals were asleep and it was hot inside, so I was happy to go out of there and go see the rest of the fun animals! My favorite this day was the monkeys by far. There were these two black and white monkeys that were little and they sat and wrestled the entire time. They were soooo cute! The next stop was the carousel! I think... well my grandparents showed up sometime in here, so I have no idea when that was, but it was sometime in the long day at the zoo. Here are some of my favorite pictures on the carousel!

Then it was off to the bird show! I love the bird show. I have only seen it one other time before this day, but I am in awe of all of the time and patience it must take to train these birds. And my cute little neice Olivia was the best little girl the whole day! I think she just had alot of fun. This is her at the bird show trying to steal my camera. . The bear was finally out! I didn't see him last time, so I was super pumped that he was out. I think they are beautiful creatures. I would NOT want to see one in the forest however. I would freak out! Giraffe's were next and I captured a fun picture of a baby and a mom. They are so big! Even as babies they are huge! Next up would be the cats of the animal kingdom and my favorite animal! So I was soooo excited to hopefully see the cheetah, the leopard, the tiger, any of them awake.... unfortunately NONE of them were. UGH! Oh well, I was so upset that I didn't get to see my favorite animal, I did see a foot though! But Andrew and Chad decided that maybe it would come and swim since it was a very warm day... so they waited... And last of all, when we were sooo tired of walking and had enough, we rode the train! Which of course is Andrew's favorite part, I'm sure...

And after all was said and done, and we were all exhausted
after all, five hours at the zoo is a LONG time. It was great to know we had a fun filled day at the zoo together as a family.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sorry so long...

Okay so I totally know that I have slacked at putting up a post. But it was warm weather until recently and I was soaking up as much of the heat that I could. Unfortunatly I didn't listen to some friends when they told me that I should put on some sunblock last Saturday and got too much of it. Oops! The little brown stuff all over my legs is dirt. Trent and I had spent the whole day at my friend Mandy's house trying to put in her sprinkler system (please don't get me started on this, because it ended in bad bad drama). So this is what is new with us... NOTHING! I will have to do a post sometime when my husband isn't begging me to play a game with him (shhh don't tell him I said that) to show you the cute pictures of us at the zoo on memorial weekend. It was a blast and I will definatly post. But for now, just know that everything is great! I have decided that God gives us blessings in really small ways. A good day with family, a few laughs with good friends, and a little down time to recooperate from them both! ROFL! But I will definatly post! I have about four that I need to do... so look forward to the next instalement (can't spell) of our lives, boring as they may be. Love to all those who read!