Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Day!

My family, minus Trent cuz he was at work, went to the hogle zoo the week after Mothers Day because we had decided last year when we went on Mothers Day weekend that we would make it a tradition. Well the week after this mothers day, the zoo was getting the Madagascar exhibit, so we decided to wait. It was a beautiful day! Susie, Chad & Shawn were able to join us. I love when we get to see the family. And we waiting a little while for the Logan crew to make it. Meaning: My sister and her family. And of course the very first thing we do is go see the Madagascar exhibit. On the way there, the snake that was in the exhibit was outside with one of the zoo workers. If any of you know me very well, you will then know that i am TERRIFIED of snakes. So I walked as far away from it as possible. So my cousin Chad got this picture for me. Thanks Chad! The exhibit itself was not impressive. The animals were asleep and it was hot inside, so I was happy to go out of there and go see the rest of the fun animals! My favorite this day was the monkeys by far. There were these two black and white monkeys that were little and they sat and wrestled the entire time. They were soooo cute! The next stop was the carousel! I think... well my grandparents showed up sometime in here, so I have no idea when that was, but it was sometime in the long day at the zoo. Here are some of my favorite pictures on the carousel!

Then it was off to the bird show! I love the bird show. I have only seen it one other time before this day, but I am in awe of all of the time and patience it must take to train these birds. And my cute little neice Olivia was the best little girl the whole day! I think she just had alot of fun. This is her at the bird show trying to steal my camera. . The bear was finally out! I didn't see him last time, so I was super pumped that he was out. I think they are beautiful creatures. I would NOT want to see one in the forest however. I would freak out! Giraffe's were next and I captured a fun picture of a baby and a mom. They are so big! Even as babies they are huge! Next up would be the cats of the animal kingdom and my favorite animal! So I was soooo excited to hopefully see the cheetah, the leopard, the tiger, any of them awake.... unfortunately NONE of them were. UGH! Oh well, I was so upset that I didn't get to see my favorite animal, I did see a foot though! But Andrew and Chad decided that maybe it would come and swim since it was a very warm day... so they waited... And last of all, when we were sooo tired of walking and had enough, we rode the train! Which of course is Andrew's favorite part, I'm sure...

And after all was said and done, and we were all exhausted
after all, five hours at the zoo is a LONG time. It was great to know we had a fun filled day at the zoo together as a family.

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julie said...

gosh, it sounds like you guys have been having a ton of fun! I love your new updates on your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your life with me.