Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Small Shout Out

This is going to be a small post because frankly I am tired and getting ready to watch a movie. Tomorrow night I will try and get caught up with my posts.... I have atleast three that I need to write. I'll see what I can do... ANYWAY... I just wanted to give a little shout to to my dear cousin Emily and her first win at the Region level for drill team!!! They will be competing this weekend at State and trying to defend their five time state championship!!! 6 wins at Region and 5 for State.... going for 6 this weekend! Good luck girls!! WOOOO WHOOOO!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My cute little cousin Cassidy turned 9 years old yesterday! She is growing up so fast. Seems like just yesterday she was a little girl. We had a little family party for her last night. Christy made yummy chicken enchiladas and then we had cup cakes and ice cream. I was proud of myself, I only had a half of a cup cake and a tiny bit of ice cream. Cassidy got to open presents from the family. I'm a slacker and couldn't find one, so if any of you have a GREAT idea for me please share!! But she got a lot of new trains. Here's a funny story... Andrew LOVES trains right... well my grandpa got jealous of Andrew and his trains so he started buying some trains. Well then Morgan started playing with them too, which meant that Cassidy would play them with him as well. So for her birthday Cass got a ton of track and quite a few trains. I laughed that she likes them so much. She even got a pink one named Rosie that is battery operated and pulls the others around the track.
So here's to the little girl that can make the room light up with her smile, regardless of being a little goof or not! Happy birthday Cassidy, we love you so much!

Meet my new nephew

Ray Allen Bird, born January 16th at 5:36 and has a TON of hair. His proud parents Trent and Brenda Bird and big brother Jack were so excited for the new arrival. I was slightly jealous, but my brother assured me that I need to be next. Here's praying for a miracle! Trent (my husband) and I went to go and visit them at the hospital on Saturday. We didn't know about the baby being born until late on Friday and visiting hours were over. So we went over Saturday morning and visited with them for about three hours. It was GREAT to see them! And sooo amazing to hold my new nephew.

For those of you counting I have four nephews and one neice. Age wise it goes, Andrew, Hayden, Jack, Olivia and now Ray!!! I was so excited to hold a little on in my arms. Olivia is growing up to fast!! So here are a few pics of my new nephew and the fam. Jack was with his Grandma, so we couldn't get a family picture.

You'll notice that Trent (my brother) was wearing a tshirt that said Jack's daddy... we were making fun of him that we needed to go get a marker and add Ray. They are just going to make a new one with both names. It's amazing at how much of a blessing one tiny newborn brings into life.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please Press 1 for English

During the randomness of my job, I have met a few new people. One of them being my new friend Peggy (we're not on a last name basis). She is from SLC and she drives back and forth every day to stand and take pictures for 8 hours a day. UGH... Anyway... today I was reading an email from a friend. It of course was one of those annoying forwards that you get all the time. But it was one of those funny one's that say things like: I wondered why the frisbee kept getting bigger and bigger, and then it hit me. OR: I did not hit you, I simply high fived your face. But my favorite was: Light travels faster than sound, this is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. ANYWAY... the one that got our attention was a picture of an American flag and it said: Why the heck should I have to press 1 for English? So that is when my friend Peggy said, "why is it that when we travel to other countries they will not accomodate us and start speaking English. So why is it that we as American's have to start speaking a different language in our own country? We have to learn Spanish... this is American. We speak English." So being the quick tongued person that I can be sometimes I said... maybe it's cuz we are nicer people than those from a different country. We all laughed and then we went back to work. But I got thinking... why is it that we have to press 1 for English in our own country? I'm not prejudice or anything. And I often catch myself saying a few Spanish, German or Italian phrases. But I just got thinking, we speak English here. It is our language. We don't go into Germany and ask them to change their phone recordings to say, "For German, Press 1". Nor do we expect them to drop everything to try and speak the language. If they don't understand, they don't understand. And you go on until you find someone that does speak the language. Why is it not please press 1 for Spanish? Make sense? So for all you fellow bloggers, my question stands: Why do we have to Press 1 for English?

Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay so if you read my previous post about what we got for Christmas you all know that Trent got tickets for monster trucks... so uhm, ya... we went on Saturday. We were on the sixth row, which ended up being the front row because the first six were taped off for security measures. Oh my goodness was Trent excited! He had alot of fun watching the trucks smash little cars like toothpics and I enjoyed watching the bikers. The trucks were incredibly loud and hurt my ears. Trent ended up running up the stairs during intermission to grab me some ear plugs, which ended up NOT working. So I just dealt with it and had the worst headache in the entire world after.

But the bikers were AMAZING!!! They did some of the most awesome tricks in the entire world and they were really really high in the air. I got some pics that I will of course post on here, but please don't judge the quality, my camera sucks!

I was glad to spend a little quality time with my hubby doing something that he would enjoy. Now I don't feel so bad for making him do the things that I always want to do.