Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet my new nephew

Ray Allen Bird, born January 16th at 5:36 and has a TON of hair. His proud parents Trent and Brenda Bird and big brother Jack were so excited for the new arrival. I was slightly jealous, but my brother assured me that I need to be next. Here's praying for a miracle! Trent (my husband) and I went to go and visit them at the hospital on Saturday. We didn't know about the baby being born until late on Friday and visiting hours were over. So we went over Saturday morning and visited with them for about three hours. It was GREAT to see them! And sooo amazing to hold my new nephew.

For those of you counting I have four nephews and one neice. Age wise it goes, Andrew, Hayden, Jack, Olivia and now Ray!!! I was so excited to hold a little on in my arms. Olivia is growing up to fast!! So here are a few pics of my new nephew and the fam. Jack was with his Grandma, so we couldn't get a family picture.

You'll notice that Trent (my brother) was wearing a tshirt that said Jack's daddy... we were making fun of him that we needed to go get a marker and add Ray. They are just going to make a new one with both names. It's amazing at how much of a blessing one tiny newborn brings into life.


Jack and Daynalee said...

He is SO adorable. I bet it's so fun having neices and nephews! And cute ones at that! It IS your turn next. I'll pray for a miracle for ya too! Love ya!

The Poundstone's said...

Oh my gosh mel, He is sooooo cute. that hair kills me. Maybe you should just still him. No big deal right!?!