Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Power of Prayer

We have had a few experiences in the last couple weeks that I thought would be good to share. First... Last week, Trent couldn't find his truck keys. He was running late for work and was parked behind me, so I couldn't take him to work or leave for work myself. So we were both trapped by this darn truck. I was trying to get ready for work, so he was looking everywhere. Outside in his truck, on the ground through the snow, in the house, in the cupboards, fridge even, they were just gone. I went in the bedroom and he was dumping his dresser drawers on the bed to go through and see if the keys fell in the drawer. They weren't in there either. Finally I just stopped him and said have you prayed? He said no. So I said fine, get ready we're praying. So I just asked for Trent to have a clear mind of where he was at when he had his keys last. When we finished praying, he went through his routine the night before. Came home from my moms, took his hoodie off and heard the keys, took them out of the hoodie and put them in his pants pocket for the next day, and then came in the front room to talk to me. I asked if he had checked his pockets. He told me he had, and I said check them again. He had to dig under his coveralls and his hoodie to get to his pocket, but low and behold in his pocket was his truck keys. We both just laughed and said it was amazing what the power of prayer can do. Yesterday... I was sitting at work and my computer had been having a few issues, but I just brushed it off and didn't think about it again. When I went to log on in the afternoon I wasn't able too. My username was incorrect, my password was wrong, and I got an awful message about my computer crashing. My heart sank. My computer has everything on it. I have iTunes, which isn't a HUGE deal, but I love my music. My main concern and stomach churning came from the thought of losing all my pictures. I have pictures on that computer from 2006! Graduations, births, birthday parties, missionary farewells and homecomings, family pictures I had taken, every holiday, our temple photos!!! I was sick! I instantly tried to just walk around my office and take my mind off of it, but I couldn't and just busted out crying. Mandy told me it would be okay and to just breathe and say a prayer. I was annoyed at her because it seemed like she didn't get my problem. I had just lost my entire photo memories of things I enjoyed and things that made me laugh and I just cried. I finally just had to walk away and locked myself in the bathroom and cried and prayed and cried some more. Still in tears, I walked back to my office and tried my computer again... nothing. I heard Mandy tell me to go look at her computer. Did she not understand I was in the middle of a crisis?! Reluctantly I walked to her desk and she told me to look and on her screen were my temple pictures. She had found a folder in one of her folders that said Mels Temple Pics. We had deleted that folder over a month ago. It shouldn't have been on her desktop and when she was looking on her computer it wasn't there. So while I was in the bathroom having my meltdown she prayed. And when I had walked back into the room and sat down she had found it. Our prayers had been answered. I didn't have all my pictures, but our temple pictures are the most important thing to Trent and I on that computer. I was overcome with emotion and bawled like a little baby. She asked me if I still had my external hard drive and I said yes and she said lets see when the last time was that I had transferred pictures over to it. I had done the last one in November!!! It was earlier in the month, but I atleast had every picture that I have taken on that external hard drive until the first of November! I knew on my camera that I still had the night we went to the temple lights in SLC, Christmas, Emily's homecoming and Christy's family pictures. I couldn't believe it! It was another answered prayer. I know that these experiences might be silly and might be dumb things to some people. But for us, it was another example of our Heavenly Father letting us know that He listens! He is there and will answer prayers. But we have to ask. We need to ask with a pure heart and real intent and He will bless us. It didn't have to be a huge miracle to us to have that confirmation that He is there. Even small things that we need He listens too. I know that. I know that He loves us and is there to help us if we just ask for his help and guidance. I am grateful for the power of prayer and for these experiences.