Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bon Voyage continued...

So I got a text from my mom that said: "I want my banana served like this from now on." Attached was the following picture... Of course I laughed at her for two reasons. One, she thinks that I am going to serve her. And two, for thinking I would take that much time to serve a food that takes two seconds to gobble up. A few hours later, she has the nerve to send me a picture like this WHAT IS THAT??!! Who sends a picture like that to someone who is in small town Duchesne with stupid wind, no beach and working. How rude! Well folks, this is Catalina Island and she LOVED it. She got to do a little shopping and then went on a fun little boat. It was called the glass bottom boat... and she was kind enough to send me a picture. I am sooo jealous. I have seen the Doris Day flick of glass bottom boat, but I don't think it was even remotely close to what my mom did on her little excursion. I hope that she got more pictures than that one on the boat, because I am sure that it was a ton of fun and could see some amazing things. Of course she then sends me a picture of her lounging on the deck after getting back on the ship from Catalina. And then she sends me this: and says, "How do you like my new body art?" Oh geez I say... I LOVE your Henna Tattoo!!! She's such a dork! However, her joy was about to be short lived when some crew members came around announcing that tomorrow (which is today now) they would NOT be stopping in Ensenada Mexico because of the swine flu and they would receive a $20 credit for the issue. They couldn't get back off the boat to go do more shopping in Catalina because they had already left port. So she was MAD and upset that she couldn't get near as much souveniers that she wanted to get. She wasn't so disappointed that she couldn't go to Mexico because she had been to that part before. She was mad that they didn't give them a better warning or she would have bought souveniers in Catalina. I don't understand why they didn't give them another day in Catalina???? It's not like they weren't already there. Doesn't make any sense to me and I was sad for my mom. But I did get a text this morning that said that she is having alot of fun. I am just glad that she got to go on a vacation. She needed one! LOL... maybe I did and her leaving was just a good excuse... jk jk!! I love my mom and I miss her tons. But I am really glad that she is having a good time.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bon Voyage!!

For those of you who don't know, my mom is on Vacation this week on a cruise to Mexico. She is going to Catalina and then the Ensenada on a cruise. She won't be home for a whole week, which means that Trent and i have to get along for 7 days! WHAT?! Just kidding... so far we haven't killed each other and have spent every day, except Sunday, doing yard work together to surprise my mom. We have been weeding, picking up leaves and cutting down dead branches out of the massive tree that is on the side of the house. So that has been alot of fun.

My mom started off her vacation, by going to spend time at my sisters for a couple of days and help with the kids, since Megan and Ben have been really sick. Then Sunday she drove to SLC and stayed with her friend that was going on the cruise with her because they had to be up at 4 AM and to the airport by 5:30... So they made it to California about 7:45 Monday morning. My mom said that as soon as she got off the plane, it was a little cold to be California. So they hung out for awhile and then finally were able to get on the ship. She went to sleep because they had been up so long and had a few hours before they were to leave California for the open sea! She got up and took a picture for us to share with ya'll. And then set off for lifeboat training. She is sooo funny! She said that she is having fun and will send more pictures later. As soon as I get some, I will update you!! Have a GREAT day!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dyeing Eggs

My grandma has this weird tradition with the grandkids. She boils each grandkid a dozen eggs and then gets out all the dye and we all sit around for hours and dye eggs. Crazy, I know!! But it's tradition!!! Andrew got to dye eggs. Megan got him all prepared for this momentus occasion, or so I am told. So he was pretty excited when he got to dye eggs with everyone.
And of course, Olivia had a blast too... lol I had to join in the fun and dye a few eggs... which to my mistake of setting the undyed eggs on the edge of the counter, dropped about 6 of them on the floor and crunched them... oops!

But my favorite part of the whole weekend was getting to spend time with my neice and nephew and the rest of my family. They are the best in the whole world and I love them all to pieces!! Here are a few of my favorite pics of Andrew and Olivia in their Easter clothes.

Easter Message Delayed... Sorry :(

Okay so I know that Easter was last week, but I haven't had time, patience or energy to write anything. I still don't, but I thought that I had a bunch of cute pictures that were taken, so I should share.

My Easter weekend started with Thursday, helping the bunny dye eggs! Four different colors, big pots and about 20 people. OH and a few cracked eggs... lol! I invited a couple of my friends, Felicia and Courtney to help dye eggs. It was alot of fun. We took about 45 minutes to get all of those eggs dyed. We had to pack them all up then we stored them in the store cooler to keep them safe. I forgot my camera, so I don't have pictures of the fun.

However... I do have pictures of the morning of the big hunt!! It is basically family tradition to help the bunny hide all those eggs for the city. So my family, being the amazing people they are, came out and helped!!! YAY!! I was super excited to see a few more of my family members than is usually here.

I love my family and was sooo glad that I could share this special occasion with them.

It was a cold cold morning, but it was well worth it for the faces of all those kids. I got a picture of my cute cousin Peyton lining up for the hunt! He is the cutest little kid in the world. I was glad that they came out for Easter.

As soon as the hunt began, I took off running to try and get to the other side of the field to watch Andrew run to get some fun Easter presents. I missed the beginning, but I made it to see him show off his stuff. He is the cutest nephew in the world!!! I love him to death!! He had a fun time hunting, but an even better time, helping my grandpa throw candy out to the kids standing in line to see the bunny. Olivia did good too! lol... she didn't hunt of course, but she got a little book thing, I think. And soon fell asleep. So she didn't get to see the bunny, but her mom and brother sure did!

Overall that part of the weekend was GREAT! We had a fun time at the hunt.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing Real Important

Well, nothing extremely exciting has happened in my life in the past little while, but I felt like I needed to blog. Even it is about absolutely nothing. haha

Trent got a new job. Right now it is in the "trial period". Whatever that means. He works for the city in the parks and recreation department. He loves it, so that is all that matters. I told him to work hard and not argue with anyone. I felt like I was talking to a child, but sometimes it needs to be a little reminder to us all to try and get along with those who we don't get along with. After all, it does say in the scriptures, "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."

Which brings me to my next subject. Work for me has been overly stressful in the past couple of weeks. Wren (Felicia, long story) and I have been doing really well. We've been putting out a bunch of reports for our client and had thought that we were doing well. Unfortunately, oil prices dropped, so it didn't matter how well we were doing. The client that we have been working for said, "this is how much we can afford to pay researchers every month. So if you have to lay people off, do it." Luckily my boss is an understanding man. And he did lay off a couple of people that he was having to pay mileage for and then put the rest of us on three day weeks. So we can work any three days we want as long as it is only three! So that part didn't make me as upset as this next part, because truthfully I was just greatful to still have a job! In the past little while, Wren and I thought that we had some "friends" in the company to talk too and do things with, lunch, help, etc. Turns out we were wrong. Wren was doing a small project and I went to help her turn part of it in, had to run back to the county building to grab my power cord for my laptop and they were asking me all sorts of questions about if she was going to get her out computer and how our projects were coming and all that. Then out of nowhere comes, "well she better get one of her own because I'm sure that our boss doesn't like you two sharing one computer". I was ticked and left, but after talking to Wren remembered that we had talked to the boss earlier and he knew we were sharing one computer and didn't seem to mind. So we shrugged it off. But I thought that it was totally rude for them to freak out on us. We have come to the conclusion that they are secretly hoping we loose our jobs, so that they can get more work. So we've been extra careful to keep our work secret and not talk about anything with no one outside of our little "time out" room. So I pray that those who are despitefully using us to get ahead in the company figure out that it doesn't matter who you step on, your not going to gain anything in the long run.

However... good news to report! Gram is doing good!!! She had surgery yesterday to test the area around where the mass was and we should know the results in the next week. Bad news... grandpa just found out he has diabetes. Type 2, so it can be managed with pills and a change in his diet. He laughed because Megan said that the good Lord is going to make him eat how she has been trying to get him to eat for a long time. haha! Gram said to him during dinner the other night, "well I know why this is happening, you just wanted to steal some of the attention away from me." LOL!! We laughed for a good long time over that one. I love those two! They are the best grandparents anyone could ask for. They are understanding, grateful, loving and compassionate. I have learned a great deal from them. The best of them probably being service or that if life knocks you down, get back up and keep going. There is always someone out there worse off than you. Thanks Grammy and Gramps for being great teachers! Love ya tons!!