Friday, April 17, 2009

Dyeing Eggs

My grandma has this weird tradition with the grandkids. She boils each grandkid a dozen eggs and then gets out all the dye and we all sit around for hours and dye eggs. Crazy, I know!! But it's tradition!!! Andrew got to dye eggs. Megan got him all prepared for this momentus occasion, or so I am told. So he was pretty excited when he got to dye eggs with everyone.
And of course, Olivia had a blast too... lol I had to join in the fun and dye a few eggs... which to my mistake of setting the undyed eggs on the edge of the counter, dropped about 6 of them on the floor and crunched them... oops!

But my favorite part of the whole weekend was getting to spend time with my neice and nephew and the rest of my family. They are the best in the whole world and I love them all to pieces!! Here are a few of my favorite pics of Andrew and Olivia in their Easter clothes.

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Lee and Valerie Gunther said...

What adorable pictures, Megan's kiddies are so cute! Do you just love being an aunt?