Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Grammy!

My grandma's birthday was yesterday! October 12... and I want ya'll to know that my grandma is not old! Despite what she might tell you, she is not. She is only 69 years old. Not old at all! So we had a party for her yesterday at Christy's house. We had a scruptious dinner for her, which consisted of mashed potatoe's and rolladin (don't know if that is spelled right) but it is a German meat. SOOOO good! MMM... the thought alone makes my mouth water. Oh and then there was a whole bunch of other stuff, but the important stuff was mentioned! Then I made an angel food cake with cool whip and heath bar frosting. I love that cake! It's not only delicious, but I made it with sugar free cool whip so my gramps could eat it and we could all be a little more healthy! (gotta sneak that in somewhere!)

My grandma is an amazing woman and I love her to death! I hope that she had a wonderful birthday and has many yet to come! Happy Birthday Grammy!

Happy Birthday Mom!

I am so bad at posting, its ridiculous! So my dear mother turned ... old on October 1st. We aren't aloud to say how old she was turning because she said it was depressing. She's not even that old people! And so as tradition goes, we had a family birthday party for her. Her meal of choice? Pizza! For those of you who don't already know this, my Grandmother is an amazing cook, but I LOVE when she makes pizza! On this occasion she made chicken alfredo pizza.
So good! Makes my mouth water just looking at the pictures again. Emily had to run to play practice or something, so she hurried and ate and then gave my mom a little solo of Happy Birthday on her way out the door. She's a nut! But it was cute. I think we'll keep that tradition going as well. Then it was cake and ice cream time! My mom of course picked the one cake that my grandpa is completely addicted too. (couldn't get this picture to turn, sorry!)

It's a white cake, with cream cheese or white frosting, and coconut on top. Weird I know, but it is yummy! And for presents my mom recieved from me and Trent this scrapbook photo organizer box. It is amazing if I do say so myself. You write on a card what the pics are of and the date and then who is in them and then put them in their own little box inside the big box and then when she goes to scrapbook them, she just takes out the small compartment and slides the rest of the boxes back so she is ready next time. Amazing, I know! My grandparents gave her some of this bath lotion something-er-other... she loves it and uses it every day. I hope that she had a great birthday! Love ya mom!