Monday, October 3, 2011

Idaho Trip Part 2

The next day we went to church and after we went to see where Grammy works on the farm.

And where Gramps shop is when he isn't out harvesting.

Grammy informed me that she keeps the candy jar stocked and her desk looking nice and neat. Gramps shop was surprisingly clean. Unlike his one in Duchesne, haha!

This is where the potatoes are boxed and get ready for shipping.

The green line at the top is how full they fill this cellar with potatoes. I was amazed at how high it was. That's alot of spuds!

Grammy and I wanted to get some sweet corn to take home, so we went through the field picking it. I had never done this and was nervous I would pick one that wasn't ready. Apparently she knew what she was doing. We got alot of corn! We were even filling our pockets... LOL!
Gramps took me through the feeder corn because it is so tall, my grammy was a little worried that I would get lost. I'm glad I followed my gramps, cuz after we got a little ways in I didn't know which way it was we came from or how to get out.
On our way back to great grams house, my gramps asked me if I wanted some potatoes. Of course I did! Who is gonna turn down fresh red potatoes?! So he stopped the car and we got out and went into the potato field and dug some up.

Growing up, I have always learned that by serving others we are serving the Lord. I am greatful for my grandparents example of that throughout my entire life. And I am so glad that Trent and I were able to go and spend time with them and feel of their spirit.

We had the best time in the world and are so excited to go back!!!