Saturday, February 28, 2009

Night Out With Mom

My mom got tickets to go to the Rascal Flatts concert and after going through 2 other people, she finally picked me as her date! Third time's a charm!!!! We went to Salt Lake on Thursday and went to dinner at Benihana's. I had never been, but was assured that they had steak and chicken there since I don't eat seafood and haven't ever tried Japanese. I was a little erie about going to eat at some place that I had never been before. But we get there and sit down at this table with three guys that we don't know and I look at the menu and about die. Prices are way to much for my tiny budget, but my mom bought, so I was okay with ordering. I just had issues with food... I could order chicken or steak, but it came with shrimp appetizer and onion soup and salad with weird dressing and onions and some kind of squash. I was dying... what the heck was I going to do? So I get chicken and tried to eat the shrimp, but about threw up. Couldn't eat the salad, but thank heaven above there is my chicken and rice!!! It was good chicken and I loved the rice. But I will probably never eat there again. But thanks for trying something new for me mom! It was fun. So then we go to the concert... YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! We got there an hour early and found our seats that weren't that far from the stage. We were on the 15th row. It was really great. Jessica Simpson opened up for Rascal Flatts and I have to admit, at first I was a little worried that it would be boring because I was use to listening to her as a pop artist, not country. But she did a really really good job and I was impressed. Except for the one time that she forgot her lyrics, but she laughed it off as being a blonde and went on with the show. She sang a few songs that I actually new too. She sang "With You", which is actually from her pop album, but she sang it for her fans and I really enjoyed hearing her live sing that song. Her back up singer was walking through the crowd after they got done and during the Rascal Flatts part, she walked right by us. I ALMOST asked her for a photo, but figured that since it was in the middle of the concert, she probably wouldn't have liked that. But when the main event started, everyone was on their feet ready to dance and sing along with those handsome country boys. During the concert, Jay was making fun of the girls in Utah and how they wear the short skirts and tight fitting clothes and then wonder why everyone stares at them. He had this towel wrapped around him and demonstrated how short the skirts are. And even pointed to someone in the crowd and said, "yep like that." I would have died if he pointed to me. It was hilarious!!! They sang many many songs and talked along through out the concert, but then it came to a close and they left the stage. But my mom, being the brilliant mind she is, says wait it isn't over, they haven't sang "bob that head" and this is the "bob that head" tour. So the crowd cheers really loud and they come back out and boom! The confetti starts falling and the balloons come down. The crowd is having a blast and the band is singing their hearts out. It was an amazing finish to an amazing concert. My favorite concert I have ever been too. So I am not offended in the least that I was the backup plan because in the end my mom and I had the greatest night singing along, bobbing our heads and then singing all the way home! If you get a chance to go see a rascal flatts concert, DO IT! It is an amazing amazing show and the boys will NOT dissapoint!!! And Joe Don is HOTTTT!!! So it is worth going and seeing him alone. Hahaha ... Thanks mom for the fun evening, it was really great to sing all those fun songs with you.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old School Board Games

Trent and I went to Vernal today to get a few things. We decided that we wanted to buy a new game to play on our "date" nights, so we went in search to find something good to play. It amazes me that in the last few years all things have changed. We don't just have regular old school monopoly anymore, oh no... we have electronic monopoly that gives you a credit card to figure out the money. And then there is some other bunch of games that I don't even know what they are. I have seen cranium and boggle and scrabble... oh yes scrabble... now there is a turn table one. Oh geez... the things that people come up with. So Trent and I had a hard time finding one that we wanted to play. Mostly because we had left Duchesne with all intentions of purchasing the old school Life board game. Which let me tell you is not the easiest thing to find in a small town store. We did find it... well almost old school... it has these weird exemption card things, but other than that, it looked pretty much the same. But we are super excited to have "date" night this week and play our new game. Not that we don't like the newer games, trust me, we LOVE the game Ticket to Ride!! It's our fav (thanks Ben and Meg)!!! And Trent's new favorite in the past couple of weeks is Yahtzee. He had never played it before. He had a strange childhood apparently. And we want to get monopoly. We (I) played it at our friends, the Poundstone's, house on a little get together and I kicked trash! I beat everyone by a LONG ways. So I really want to get it and play again. But if anyone has any great games that they have played, please let me know. Even if it is some card game, that would be great. We just need some sort of variety, because we are falling short on ideas! Thanks peeps!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Fun

I got the hair brained idea to make sugar cookies to hand out for my sharing time. I had to teach sharing time to the entire primary of course, but then on top of that the stake presidency was there also. But I thought, I think I can make cookies for all of those little kids. haha So I roped my mom into helping me out. I made the cookie dough Friday after work and then with all good intentions of watching a movie and then making the cookies. Well... my dear mother, got a better invitation from a friend of her's so she put me off and we had to wait. We got up at a decent hour on Saturday and started rolling and cutting out cookies. (Did I mention that I doubled the recipe because I didn't know how many kids there were?) We probably spent two, maybe three, hours working on this. My mom is a real trooper and rolled and cut them out, while I put them on the pans, then baked them and then took them and put them on the cooling racks. Needless to say we had cookies EVERYWHERE!!! So we took a little break after baking them to take some much needed relaxing and then got to frosting.

Side note: I LOVE those sugar cookies you get from the store with the pink frosting and my hubby told me a secret to make them better, you put it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up and then eat it!! AMAZING!!!!! haha... anyway... we made 56 cookies for the primary kids and then we took some to grandpa, and my aunt Christy's, and to my mom's friends, and a friend of mine... we got rid of all of them but four that I gave to my dear husband for Valentine's Day. He loves sugar cookies!!! But I would love to thank my mom for being a great sport and helping me out. It was alot of fun, we had music blaring the whole time and sang our hearts out while we enjoyed each others company. Thanks mom! I hope you had a good valentine's day.
Another great part about this holiday is a little tradition that my mom and Jennifer started with each other. They both decided that the holiday sucks a few years ago, so they started being each other's valentine's. Sending flowers to each other was part of it and then my mom would call her valentine and ask if she wanted to go out to dinner, which Trent and I agreed to go on a "double" date with them.
It ended up being a lot of fun. We didn't go anywhere expensive or extravagant we just went and had alot of fun. Oh and we watched a really great movie. It's called Fireproof and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. So I hope that everyone had a great valentine's day.


So this weekend I heard a rumor that was not exactly my favorite thing to hear about. But it got me thinking... why do people spread rumors? If your going to spread any of kind of rumors it should be something nice right? Like did you hear that she's getting flowers for Valentine's Day? Or did you hear they are going on some expensive vacation? Or something along those lines. But no... it has to always be hurtful and hateful. Do the people that start these rumors not stop to think about the damage that it is not only going to do to the soul of the person that it is about, but the family that it affects? Here's the other thing, you'd think that if someone would call or come up to the actual person that it affects and say, hey did you know that this is going around? Especially if they are neighbors, friends, relative's. So my new resolution is to not start any rumors about anyone. I haven't in quite sometime said anything about anyone, (I don't think) but I am not going to start any or participate in any either. If any of you hear me say anything about anyone, please stop me. I don't want anyone to have the feelings in their soul that I have had this last weekend and beginning of my week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pay It Forward

So I got this idea from my brilliant sister and I wanted to be one of the first people to write on it. But I think it's a great idea. So I wanted to do it. I have a few friends that would do it... I think! ha ha... Anyway, post it on your's write a comment and then when the first three that comment on my blog... well... we'll see what happens after that. Happy Valentines everyone!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Mom

For those of you who don't know, Trent and I have lived with my mom for quite some time now. I know that I am old enough to be on my own, but this just felt right. Like she needed me or something... what I didn't know is how much I needed her. I had a bad phone call a few weeks ago with my Dad. It was rough for starters because I had my feelings hurt when my brother, Trent, had their baby at 5:30 on a Friday and I didn't know about it until about 9:45 that night. If I would have known, I would have been there. I knew that Trent was busy, so I placed the blame on everyone else. So I called my Dad to vent, but what I wasn't expecting was for him to start in on me about some very hurtful things. One of them being that I lived with my mom still. He told me that he had talked to my Mom several times and she wanted me and Trent out, but didn't have the heart to tell me. That hurt... I immediately started crying and my Mom wanted to know what was wrong. I told her what he had said and she told me that she had never said such a thing to him. That she enjoyed us being here. I thought she was just saying that to make me stop crying. But on Sunday, it was testimony meeting and she bore testimony that she loved having us in her home. To have her say that made all my doubts go away. Then my Mom and I had spent time on Saturday baking for a friend of her's that was in the Basin and she wanted to show her baking skills. So she made sour cream coffee cake and I made two apple pies. My mom is an amazing cook. She makes the best manicotti in the entire world. But I wanted to say how much I admire her. I admire her spirit and her courage to get through trials. She has taught me the value of work and service and kindness. She has also helped me alot with life in general. She is always there to listen to me, even though she might not like what she hears. She gives useful advice. She is talented in many areas. She is a great movie partner. And she is an amazing friend. I love spending time with her. She knows how to help me feel better about life and not to give up on my dreams. So thanks Mom, for loving Trent and I enough to let us be in your home and feel the spirit that is there. The Lord blesses those that bless others lives and I know that he is blessing you. Thanks for everything. We love you so much!

Go Talons!

Shout out to the Duchesne High School Talons and my sweet cousin Emily on their 6th State win. It started with Megan and her senior year, then to Lindsay, then Jennifer and now Emily. They did so good and I was glad to make it to see them do prop and see them win. It was great to be a part of that, and if they win next year (knock on wood) they will hold the record for straight consecutive wins. But besides the girls win, this is also a win for Kellee and Nikki. Those two have done an amazing job with those girls and for only having two of them that had any dance experience when the year started, to see those girls dance with such passion and talent is amazing.

Belated Happy Birthday!

So I know this is TOTALLY late, but better late than never right? Emily turned 15 on the 24th of January. And we had a little party for her at Christy's house. I made her a cake, which she told me four months before her birthday that she wanted and it was a miracle in itself that I remembered. It was a yummy Banana Crunch Cake! It was basically amazing and Emily was excited that I remembered.
So funny story about Emily's birthday presents... When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said that she couldn't think of anything, but she'd text me a list. So that is what she did which included: a charm for her cell phone, the cinderella story soundtrack, a movie, etc. So then a few days later she is talking to my grandmother and says that she told me she wanted the cinderella story 2 soundtrack, I was like oh wait what? You asked for the first one's soundtrack and she's like uh no and I said uh yes... anyway, what she didn't know was that my mom had already ordered her the first one and it was already on it's way.
Luckily my grandparents ordered her the second one, so she got both!! LOL!!! Anyway, what I really wanted to say about this girl is that I have gotten to know her alot better since I served in the young womens and I want her to know that I am proud of the young women that she has turned out to be. I am always surprised at the things that I learn from her. I hope that she got everything she wanted for her birthday!