Saturday, February 28, 2009

Night Out With Mom

My mom got tickets to go to the Rascal Flatts concert and after going through 2 other people, she finally picked me as her date! Third time's a charm!!!! We went to Salt Lake on Thursday and went to dinner at Benihana's. I had never been, but was assured that they had steak and chicken there since I don't eat seafood and haven't ever tried Japanese. I was a little erie about going to eat at some place that I had never been before. But we get there and sit down at this table with three guys that we don't know and I look at the menu and about die. Prices are way to much for my tiny budget, but my mom bought, so I was okay with ordering. I just had issues with food... I could order chicken or steak, but it came with shrimp appetizer and onion soup and salad with weird dressing and onions and some kind of squash. I was dying... what the heck was I going to do? So I get chicken and tried to eat the shrimp, but about threw up. Couldn't eat the salad, but thank heaven above there is my chicken and rice!!! It was good chicken and I loved the rice. But I will probably never eat there again. But thanks for trying something new for me mom! It was fun. So then we go to the concert... YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! We got there an hour early and found our seats that weren't that far from the stage. We were on the 15th row. It was really great. Jessica Simpson opened up for Rascal Flatts and I have to admit, at first I was a little worried that it would be boring because I was use to listening to her as a pop artist, not country. But she did a really really good job and I was impressed. Except for the one time that she forgot her lyrics, but she laughed it off as being a blonde and went on with the show. She sang a few songs that I actually new too. She sang "With You", which is actually from her pop album, but she sang it for her fans and I really enjoyed hearing her live sing that song. Her back up singer was walking through the crowd after they got done and during the Rascal Flatts part, she walked right by us. I ALMOST asked her for a photo, but figured that since it was in the middle of the concert, she probably wouldn't have liked that. But when the main event started, everyone was on their feet ready to dance and sing along with those handsome country boys. During the concert, Jay was making fun of the girls in Utah and how they wear the short skirts and tight fitting clothes and then wonder why everyone stares at them. He had this towel wrapped around him and demonstrated how short the skirts are. And even pointed to someone in the crowd and said, "yep like that." I would have died if he pointed to me. It was hilarious!!! They sang many many songs and talked along through out the concert, but then it came to a close and they left the stage. But my mom, being the brilliant mind she is, says wait it isn't over, they haven't sang "bob that head" and this is the "bob that head" tour. So the crowd cheers really loud and they come back out and boom! The confetti starts falling and the balloons come down. The crowd is having a blast and the band is singing their hearts out. It was an amazing finish to an amazing concert. My favorite concert I have ever been too. So I am not offended in the least that I was the backup plan because in the end my mom and I had the greatest night singing along, bobbing our heads and then singing all the way home! If you get a chance to go see a rascal flatts concert, DO IT! It is an amazing amazing show and the boys will NOT dissapoint!!! And Joe Don is HOTTTT!!! So it is worth going and seeing him alone. Hahaha ... Thanks mom for the fun evening, it was really great to sing all those fun songs with you.

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Jack and Daynalee said...

That seriously looks/sounds like such a blast. I LOVE Rascal Flats. I'm listening to one of their songs right now and wishing i had got to go to their concert! Lucky!