Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old School Board Games

Trent and I went to Vernal today to get a few things. We decided that we wanted to buy a new game to play on our "date" nights, so we went in search to find something good to play. It amazes me that in the last few years all things have changed. We don't just have regular old school monopoly anymore, oh no... we have electronic monopoly that gives you a credit card to figure out the money. And then there is some other bunch of games that I don't even know what they are. I have seen cranium and boggle and scrabble... oh yes scrabble... now there is a turn table one. Oh geez... the things that people come up with. So Trent and I had a hard time finding one that we wanted to play. Mostly because we had left Duchesne with all intentions of purchasing the old school Life board game. Which let me tell you is not the easiest thing to find in a small town store. We did find it... well almost old school... it has these weird exemption card things, but other than that, it looked pretty much the same. But we are super excited to have "date" night this week and play our new game. Not that we don't like the newer games, trust me, we LOVE the game Ticket to Ride!! It's our fav (thanks Ben and Meg)!!! And Trent's new favorite in the past couple of weeks is Yahtzee. He had never played it before. He had a strange childhood apparently. And we want to get monopoly. We (I) played it at our friends, the Poundstone's, house on a little get together and I kicked trash! I beat everyone by a LONG ways. So I really want to get it and play again. But if anyone has any great games that they have played, please let me know. Even if it is some card game, that would be great. We just need some sort of variety, because we are falling short on ideas! Thanks peeps!!

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nadine said...

Here is a great board game. Not quite just a date night, Unless you envite another couple, It's called settlers. The funnest game ever. The way my husband describes the game. You can cheat steal and lie. Well you don't have too. But trust me you will like it if you haven;t played it before. Also I think it is called quiddler. You can find it in the lds bookstores. you have to make a word with the cards you have. You might need a dictonary for this game. That is how we play it. It is so much fun. as well. find new words. anyway hope that was some help for you.