Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Fun

I got the hair brained idea to make sugar cookies to hand out for my sharing time. I had to teach sharing time to the entire primary of course, but then on top of that the stake presidency was there also. But I thought, I think I can make cookies for all of those little kids. haha So I roped my mom into helping me out. I made the cookie dough Friday after work and then with all good intentions of watching a movie and then making the cookies. Well... my dear mother, got a better invitation from a friend of her's so she put me off and we had to wait. We got up at a decent hour on Saturday and started rolling and cutting out cookies. (Did I mention that I doubled the recipe because I didn't know how many kids there were?) We probably spent two, maybe three, hours working on this. My mom is a real trooper and rolled and cut them out, while I put them on the pans, then baked them and then took them and put them on the cooling racks. Needless to say we had cookies EVERYWHERE!!! So we took a little break after baking them to take some much needed relaxing and then got to frosting.

Side note: I LOVE those sugar cookies you get from the store with the pink frosting and my hubby told me a secret to make them better, you put it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up and then eat it!! AMAZING!!!!! haha... anyway... we made 56 cookies for the primary kids and then we took some to grandpa, and my aunt Christy's, and to my mom's friends, and a friend of mine... we got rid of all of them but four that I gave to my dear husband for Valentine's Day. He loves sugar cookies!!! But I would love to thank my mom for being a great sport and helping me out. It was alot of fun, we had music blaring the whole time and sang our hearts out while we enjoyed each others company. Thanks mom! I hope you had a good valentine's day.
Another great part about this holiday is a little tradition that my mom and Jennifer started with each other. They both decided that the holiday sucks a few years ago, so they started being each other's valentine's. Sending flowers to each other was part of it and then my mom would call her valentine and ask if she wanted to go out to dinner, which Trent and I agreed to go on a "double" date with them.
It ended up being a lot of fun. We didn't go anywhere expensive or extravagant we just went and had alot of fun. Oh and we watched a really great movie. It's called Fireproof and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. So I hope that everyone had a great valentine's day.

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Megan said...

Very cute, I have a really good icing recipe for sugar cookies I will have to give you sometime. We watched fireproof monday night and I loved it. I ordered the love dare book online!