Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So this weekend I heard a rumor that was not exactly my favorite thing to hear about. But it got me thinking... why do people spread rumors? If your going to spread any of kind of rumors it should be something nice right? Like did you hear that she's getting flowers for Valentine's Day? Or did you hear they are going on some expensive vacation? Or something along those lines. But no... it has to always be hurtful and hateful. Do the people that start these rumors not stop to think about the damage that it is not only going to do to the soul of the person that it is about, but the family that it affects? Here's the other thing, you'd think that if someone would call or come up to the actual person that it affects and say, hey did you know that this is going around? Especially if they are neighbors, friends, relative's. So my new resolution is to not start any rumors about anyone. I haven't in quite sometime said anything about anyone, (I don't think) but I am not going to start any or participate in any either. If any of you hear me say anything about anyone, please stop me. I don't want anyone to have the feelings in their soul that I have had this last weekend and beginning of my week.

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