Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go Talons!

Shout out to the Duchesne High School Talons and my sweet cousin Emily on their 6th State win. It started with Megan and her senior year, then to Lindsay, then Jennifer and now Emily. They did so good and I was glad to make it to see them do prop and see them win. It was great to be a part of that, and if they win next year (knock on wood) they will hold the record for straight consecutive wins. But besides the girls win, this is also a win for Kellee and Nikki. Those two have done an amazing job with those girls and for only having two of them that had any dance experience when the year started, to see those girls dance with such passion and talent is amazing.

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julie said...

This is so Cool!! I am so glad that the girls were able to do it again. Six years is alot and they should be just as thrilled with themselves each and every year that they pull it off.