Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bon Voyage continued...

So I got a text from my mom that said: "I want my banana served like this from now on." Attached was the following picture... Of course I laughed at her for two reasons. One, she thinks that I am going to serve her. And two, for thinking I would take that much time to serve a food that takes two seconds to gobble up. A few hours later, she has the nerve to send me a picture like this WHAT IS THAT??!! Who sends a picture like that to someone who is in small town Duchesne with stupid wind, no beach and working. How rude! Well folks, this is Catalina Island and she LOVED it. She got to do a little shopping and then went on a fun little boat. It was called the glass bottom boat... and she was kind enough to send me a picture. I am sooo jealous. I have seen the Doris Day flick of glass bottom boat, but I don't think it was even remotely close to what my mom did on her little excursion. I hope that she got more pictures than that one on the boat, because I am sure that it was a ton of fun and could see some amazing things. Of course she then sends me a picture of her lounging on the deck after getting back on the ship from Catalina. And then she sends me this: and says, "How do you like my new body art?" Oh geez I say... I LOVE your Henna Tattoo!!! She's such a dork! However, her joy was about to be short lived when some crew members came around announcing that tomorrow (which is today now) they would NOT be stopping in Ensenada Mexico because of the swine flu and they would receive a $20 credit for the issue. They couldn't get back off the boat to go do more shopping in Catalina because they had already left port. So she was MAD and upset that she couldn't get near as much souveniers that she wanted to get. She wasn't so disappointed that she couldn't go to Mexico because she had been to that part before. She was mad that they didn't give them a better warning or she would have bought souveniers in Catalina. I don't understand why they didn't give them another day in Catalina???? It's not like they weren't already there. Doesn't make any sense to me and I was sad for my mom. But I did get a text this morning that said that she is having alot of fun. I am just glad that she got to go on a vacation. She needed one! LOL... maybe I did and her leaving was just a good excuse... jk jk!! I love my mom and I miss her tons. But I am really glad that she is having a good time.

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