Monday, May 4, 2009

Tulip Festival

This weekend, Trent and I decided that we would skip out of town and head to the city. My Aunt Susie and her family were kind enough to put up with us for a couple of days. Trent got off work and then we made sure that the house was somewhat clean (cuz my mom was coming home from her cruise and we didn't want it to be a huge mess) and packed up the car and set off. We got to the bridge and I asked Trent if he turned off the air conditioner, he said no, he left it on... oh geez! We turned around and got home long enough to find out that he did indeed turn it off. Brother... so we turn back around and finally get on the road. It rained on us in Strawberry, so I was bumbed because I had been looking forward to going to the tulip festival for weeks! And Saturday was the last day, so I was PRAYING it wouldn't rain for any longer than Saturday early early morning. Well... I was wrong. I woke up Saturday morning only to find out that it was raining... pretty dang bad if I do say so myself. I was soooooooo depressed. Susie needed to run to the store, so I went with her and when we got out it had stopped raining!! WHOOO HOOO!!! So we hurried and made some sandwiches for us and the guys and went to the tulip festival. I was sooo excited to have a girls day and just mostly to go to the festival (sorry Dayna, I know I am a jerk). Here are a few of my favorite pics....

Thanks to my Aunt Susie who was a great sport to go with me in the rain. My mom was going to come, but she had just got home and was tired... poor sport! lol jk mom jk! Overall it was alot of fun and I hope that I can go next year and spend a little more time walking around. The rain kinda made it not as fun to walk around. But it smelled sooo good and I can't wait for next year. And a special thanks to Trent for just hanging out with the guys so that Susie could go! She never gets a girls day, so you are an amazing hubby to take one for the girls! lol Love ya! But you have to go with me next year!

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