Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing Real Important

Well, nothing extremely exciting has happened in my life in the past little while, but I felt like I needed to blog. Even it is about absolutely nothing. haha

Trent got a new job. Right now it is in the "trial period". Whatever that means. He works for the city in the parks and recreation department. He loves it, so that is all that matters. I told him to work hard and not argue with anyone. I felt like I was talking to a child, but sometimes it needs to be a little reminder to us all to try and get along with those who we don't get along with. After all, it does say in the scriptures, "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."

Which brings me to my next subject. Work for me has been overly stressful in the past couple of weeks. Wren (Felicia, long story) and I have been doing really well. We've been putting out a bunch of reports for our client and had thought that we were doing well. Unfortunately, oil prices dropped, so it didn't matter how well we were doing. The client that we have been working for said, "this is how much we can afford to pay researchers every month. So if you have to lay people off, do it." Luckily my boss is an understanding man. And he did lay off a couple of people that he was having to pay mileage for and then put the rest of us on three day weeks. So we can work any three days we want as long as it is only three! So that part didn't make me as upset as this next part, because truthfully I was just greatful to still have a job! In the past little while, Wren and I thought that we had some "friends" in the company to talk too and do things with, lunch, help, etc. Turns out we were wrong. Wren was doing a small project and I went to help her turn part of it in, had to run back to the county building to grab my power cord for my laptop and they were asking me all sorts of questions about if she was going to get her out computer and how our projects were coming and all that. Then out of nowhere comes, "well she better get one of her own because I'm sure that our boss doesn't like you two sharing one computer". I was ticked and left, but after talking to Wren remembered that we had talked to the boss earlier and he knew we were sharing one computer and didn't seem to mind. So we shrugged it off. But I thought that it was totally rude for them to freak out on us. We have come to the conclusion that they are secretly hoping we loose our jobs, so that they can get more work. So we've been extra careful to keep our work secret and not talk about anything with no one outside of our little "time out" room. So I pray that those who are despitefully using us to get ahead in the company figure out that it doesn't matter who you step on, your not going to gain anything in the long run.

However... good news to report! Gram is doing good!!! She had surgery yesterday to test the area around where the mass was and we should know the results in the next week. Bad news... grandpa just found out he has diabetes. Type 2, so it can be managed with pills and a change in his diet. He laughed because Megan said that the good Lord is going to make him eat how she has been trying to get him to eat for a long time. haha! Gram said to him during dinner the other night, "well I know why this is happening, you just wanted to steal some of the attention away from me." LOL!! We laughed for a good long time over that one. I love those two! They are the best grandparents anyone could ask for. They are understanding, grateful, loving and compassionate. I have learned a great deal from them. The best of them probably being service or that if life knocks you down, get back up and keep going. There is always someone out there worse off than you. Thanks Grammy and Gramps for being great teachers! Love ya tons!!

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julie said...

Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about you and wondering how life has been going for you. you are in my thoughts often. Keep your chin up and hang in there.