Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy what? Oh... HOLY COW!!!

Four times a year there is a large craft sale in Pleasant Grove. My Aunts, Mom and a few other friends have been going for the past few years. Well last year they decided I was grown up enough to go with them, haha. So I was expecting a HUGE building filled with crafts that you could make or take home already made, since I had already seen some of the stuff that my mom and Aunt Christy had brought home with them. So I was pumped! I was super excited because we were going when it was a mixture of Halloween, Thankgsiving and Christmas things for sale. I purchased some presents for my mother in law and then for myself of course. I was super excited because I bought a picture of the Timpanogas Temple for a great price and a plaque to hang on my wall in my room. I was getting ready to redo my room in sepia tone's and blue's, so I was really excited to get home and hang it on the wall. But of course, I felt bad that I got all this stuff for me and nothing for my husband. Boy was I excited when I walked around a corner and there was a big table full of baked goods. Chocolate chip cookies to be exact. The biggest, yummiest chocolate chip cookies I had ever seen. So I got some, he loved them of course. I was super pumped when my mom told me that the next dates were March 25-28th! I was hoping to spend some more time with my aunts and their friends, plus Lindsey was coming this time!! Unfortunately, Susie and Shelly couldn't come because of timing and Lindsey was coming on Friday, not Thursday, so we weren't going to be able to see her either. So we set off to go spend a butt load of money on things for ourselves. haha! Heidi was driving, thank heavens! Because we hit a wicked wind/snow storm on Strawberry that we could barely see in front of us some of the time. I have never been so grateful for those stupid rumble strips ever! I don't know if we had been able to know where we were if it weren't for those things. But we made it and bought a bunch of fun stuff. I took a picture of some of my items. My favorite purchase would probably be the sunflower girl. I am so excited for the weather to warm up so that I can plant some flowers in her little bucket!! The funniest thing happened while I was trying to get my stuff organized to take a picture. My mom and sister's cat, Maggie, decided that she really really liked the sunflower girl...
Maggie would NOT leave her alone. I finally had to shove her out of the picture really quickly to take a picture. But then as soon as I was done, she started sniffing and just layed down by it. Silly cat!! But nevertheless, we had a great time. I bought a Easter present for the my neice and nephew. I am so excited to give it to them!! They have everything there! From baked goods, to vinyl lettering, to premade crafts, to pictures, to a few small clothes stands. It is sooo much fun! So I have enclosed for my dear readers the address and the dates. So that you can also go and spend a fun day with friends, family and anyone else that has a craft shopping addiction!

Holy Cow Boutique, held at the Old Pleasant Grove Rec Center: 65 East 200 South.
Blogspot website: www.holycowboutique.blogspot.com
Dates for 2009: Mother's Day: May 6th-9th, Harvest: September 23rd-26th, & Christmas: November 18-21st



Megan said...

Fun fun. Hope you and mom didn't spend too much money!

Trent and Melanie said...

Nah... we didn't spend near as much as others did that day. I spent the least! But mom was only behind me by like $10... you totally need to just come next time, even if you don't spend any money.

julie said...

Super fun Blog...thans for sharing. I had never heard of this until you talked about it and it sounds really fun!!!! Maybe I will have to go sometime. I am glad that you guys got there and home safe, that was a super ugly storm!