Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay so if you read my previous post about what we got for Christmas you all know that Trent got tickets for monster trucks... so uhm, ya... we went on Saturday. We were on the sixth row, which ended up being the front row because the first six were taped off for security measures. Oh my goodness was Trent excited! He had alot of fun watching the trucks smash little cars like toothpics and I enjoyed watching the bikers. The trucks were incredibly loud and hurt my ears. Trent ended up running up the stairs during intermission to grab me some ear plugs, which ended up NOT working. So I just dealt with it and had the worst headache in the entire world after.

But the bikers were AMAZING!!! They did some of the most awesome tricks in the entire world and they were really really high in the air. I got some pics that I will of course post on here, but please don't judge the quality, my camera sucks!

I was glad to spend a little quality time with my hubby doing something that he would enjoy. Now I don't feel so bad for making him do the things that I always want to do.


Ben, Megan, Andrew, Olivia said...

You need to adjust it so your pics are bigger, I can barely see! haha.

julie said...

Looks like fun. I don't know if Deron would love it, but the boys sure would. Glad that you got to go.