Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miss Outstanding Teen UBIC

A week after Jennifer was crowned Miss Duchesne County, her little sister Emily was crowned Miss Outstanding Teen UBIC! She did an amazing job on every part that they asked her to take part in. First was sportswear... Emily is of course a lifeguard among all the other million talents she has. So we had fun and put her hair in a side pony and poofed it a bit for stage presence and she looked like she was having so much fun! This picture was taken backstage after I got her ready... for some reason, this is the only picture I took of her backstage until she won... weird I know. So next was talent and she said Big and Loud from some broadway play. She was so cute! She sang soooooo good! She is definatly starting to take after her sister Jen! lol Finally it was the big moment and the ONE event I was worried about doing her hair for. Formal wear hair is so tricky... do the judges want it down? Up? Big? Really formal? Teenagerish? Lots to worry about! Luckily we had done it once before at her house and we decided to go with more her age. I thought she looked beautiful! So to our amazement and Emily's amazing talent, she won everything!!! She didn't get a sash for most beaufitul eyes and one other one, but she won those too! Here are a few pictures her with people that came to support her...

I would like to tell Emily thanks for letting me be a part of the backstage process. It was definately my privilege to do the hair of a Queen! So as you can imagine the family was thrilled that we now had TWO Queens in our family.
I want to tell Emily how proud of her I am. She always stands up for what she believe's in. And doesn't ever stray from what she knows is true. She is an amazing young women and I am very very proud of her! Congrats Emily and good luck at the state competition in October!

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