Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Birthday

I had a birthday this month... UGH! lol... I turned 28 on September 15th. I had an assortment of birthday parties. My friends took me out to a club in Vernal called XS. It was a lot of fun. I danced my butt off! And then on Monday, my family had birthday party for me. We had a little BBQ in the pouring rain. lol My gramps bbq'd in the garage and then we ate inside. My mom made a yummy cake. It is a angel food cake with cool whip and chopped up heath bar topping. I love it! My favorite cake is this bundt cake with coconut filling, but they don't make it anymore, so I have to settle for something else. It's all good though! I loved everything about my family birthday party meal! I got some amazing presents, including clothes, games, movie, and a new watch. Thanks family!

Then my friends gave me another birthday party. Felicia and Courtney came to my house before we left for dinner with everyone else to give me my presents. I had a pretty good sized box, a smaller package, and an envelope. According to instructions, I had to open the box first. Well inside there was shredded newspaper and a ton of it! There was also a large rock at the bottom. Then there was this small package wrapped in tape. Like packaging tape! I had to unwrap it and upwrap it for like 10 minutes. Finally when I got it open I saw the most surprising gift! They got me an ipod!!! Then the smaller package was some earplugs and then in the envelope there was a itunes gift card. I love my ipod! I use it every day! I also got some other amazing gifts from my other friends.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazingly wonderful people. I am greatful for my family and everything that they bless me with and never giving up on me. Always showing me that they love me. I love having a close family and doing lots of things together. I love the support that we all give each other even for the small things. Thank you family and friends for everything and giving me a great birthday!

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