Friday, March 5, 2010

A Little Love to Give...

I have always been a fan of animals. Especially cats, since I was a little girl. So when Trent became the animal control officer (fka, the dog catcher, lol) I was kinda excited. He'll get to see all these animals and take them to their owners and it will be fun. I didn't think about all the late night or middle of dinner calls that came with the job. And as much as I complain, I really love that he has a job and that he is doing something that he like's doing. For the most part he loves it. There are definately some moments where he would rather be doing anything besides taking a dog or cat to the shelter because he knows what will happen if they are there too long. But he tries really hard to find a home for them before he takes them over there. You would be suprised at how many people call him because they can't take care of their pets anymore and want to do an owner release. How could you not want your pet? I know some people can't afford it or landlords won't let you take them in the apartments, but it's just sad. So when Trent brought home this beautiful dog, I immediately fell in love with it. The owner had called Trent crying telling him that she couldn't have him in her apartment and that she needed him to take him to the pound. Trent could't do it. He brought it up to the county building to see if anyone wanted him. He was too big for people around here. I think I bounded with him instantly because he was big like me! LOL! He just needs someone to love. So we adopted him, sorry mom! I love him. I come home every day from work and pet him and he licks me and I can't wait for the snow to be gone so we can go on long walks. Because he is so big, we kept his name that the previous owner, so his name is Goliath. He is a lab/chow mix and he is so good and smart! Trent plays ball with him every day. We bought him a soccor ball, but he deflated it in a matter of hours. So he has a volleyball now. And Goliath and my mom's dogs Jasmine and Flo love to play together. He's a fun addition to our little family.

On a different note, there are so many animals in shelters that need a good home. If they are in the shelter for too long they will be put down. If you need an animal or you know of someone looking for one, go to your local shelter and adopt one! All animals deserve a chance to be loved by someone.
This puppy is one that was found at someone's home. Trent and I kept him overnight at our house to try and find a home for him the next day. My neice and nephew LOVED him.
And even my dear sister, who cussed me for keeping Goliath, liked this little puppy. He was so cute! Luckily we found a home for this puppy. He went to a great home with kids and he is being taken care of.


Megan said...

For the record, I have nothing against any animals! I just didn't think you should get another one. :) And who wouldn't love that little puppy, come on. Who did you give him to?

Trent and Melanie said...

Bonnie Nielsen from Mom's work. He'll have a GREAT big yard to play in. I talked to her on Friday and she said that he is doing good, but really likes to be held all that time. lol