Friday, June 20, 2008

FINALLY a date with my hubby

So after a few "discussions" about what we were going to do last night and whether Trent was going to be home. I finally got him to agree to ATLEAST go out to dinner with me. So we went to this lovely little place called Country Kitchen where our choices were grease baked food or a baked potato. I was going for the baked potato when our waitress came over, whom by the way did not look like a waitress, she looked like she just stepped out of bed and tied some of her hair back in a pony tail... anyway... she comes over and asks what we would like to eat. I tell her that I would like the steak and baked potato and then she tells me that I would have to have fries because they don't have baked potato's on Thursday's, only on Friday's and Saturday's. GREAT now I am going to have to go for the grease! Uhm I say, I guess I will have a Chicken Chimichunga, no onions. Wanted to say no grease, but hey if I have to eat something cooked in a vat of it then I might as well enjoy what I eat right? So I get it and it's actually good. Trent just had a burger because he just isn't daring. So then we decide that since we are splurging we might as well just go all out. So we got a banana split to share and of course all the toppings, chocolate, carmel, and marshmellow and whip cream... It was sooo good. Until I got home and we were both ill from eating that much. So lesson for the week: don't eat a ton of greasy food in the same night, you'll be sick! LOL!!!


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