Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Slowing down??? ... maybe not

Well our last few weeks we thought were going to be a little calmer. We were wrong. Trent had a family reunion in Strawberry and it was great. We had a good time. We got to know some more of his family pretty well and just had a good time. Then on Monday... I went to the American Idol concert!!!! It was freaking fabulous and my mom, Christy, Emily and I had a great time. I left with a very large headache, but it was well worth it. Tuesday we went to Timberlane to set up camp for Young Womens. We had a very large army tent and it was fun for all the girls to sleep in one tent instead of being divided. So then I went to Girls camp on Wednesday to Friday and then went to come home early on Friday to leave for St. George and I had a flat tire... it was horrible and I ended up showing my 2 year old fit side. I threw EVERYTHING out of my trunk to get the spare tire out only to find out that the jack wasn't in there. So I sat down and cried. Then I called Trent and he said to just leave the stupid thing there and ride home with someone and while I was crying my phone went dead and then I got in Skye's truck and headed home. There was an accident on the road to home and so that made me a little nervous, but I didn't know that Trent was just as nervous because he thought it was me in the accident. So he was glad that I was home. Then I left for St. George and went to see Jen!!!! I miss her sooo much. She did an amazing job in the play and I am really proud of her. I also had the opportunity to go and see Les Miserable. It was really good, but it was soooooo stinkin hot that I hated to be sitting there in the outside theatre at Tuachan. 3 1/2 hours is a long time to sit in one place and die of heat. I was glad to get back to the hotel and freeze in the room. I got home on Sunday and was exhausted, but I haven't been able to catch up. Thank heavens that Trent and I both have tomorrow off so that maybe we can sleep in a little bit and catch up on laundry and cleaning. But I am most excited for Friday when we are going on a double date with Greg and Skye! They are pretty much our closest friends. We love them to death.

Sorry this was a boring read, but I don't have a lot of time today to write anything. I will write more later.

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Jack and Dayna said...

You guys sound like you're super busy! It all sounds like fun busy though... and YAY for pictures! How fun and cute! Hope all is going well. Have fun on your date! Love ya