Thursday, November 13, 2008

For those of you who didn't already know, my grandma is going through Chemo right now to fight breast cancer. She started the procedure today and she says that she is doing well. We'll see in a couple of days if she is still feeling good. Probably not, the doctors have told her that she will probably be really sick, lose her hair and have a rough time with some foods. She just laughs it off and started looking for wigs. She is an incredible person. She will do six rounds of Chemo which will end in March and then she will do radiation for 6 months. Then by next year, she will be in remission! We are praying like crazy. The good thing about my grandma (there is many, but this is one) she is still thinking about everyone else through this. We are doing this benefit dinner for the Burt family and she is worried about the food and who's doing what, and hoping that we have a good turnout. She is never once sat down and thought, oh dear, my life is ending. She is not going to lose her life, she is going to be stronger and better than ever in a year. She is one strong individual whom I look up to for everything. She is young, healthy and has a great attitude, that is going to help her out a ton! She will have a tough year, but the Lord and our family will help her through this. Please add her to your prayers so that she will get better and return to her normal happy go lucky life. She will still be working at the school and still be the Stake Relief Society president, so she will have lots to keep her mind occupied. Thanks to those of you who have already shown your love and support by calling, emailing, flowers, food, etc. To my grammy... your the best woman in the world and I love you for being my link to the anchor that keeps my life from falling apart. I love you tons!!


Jack and Daynalee said...

Oh Mel! I had no idea. I'm SO sorry. This must be so hard. Jack and I are going to the temple next week. I'll put her name on the prayer roll.

nadine said...

Hey mel, sorry to hear about your Grandma, She is a wonderful yet strong women. We will keep her and your family in our prayers. And also put her name in the prayer roll.