Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the floats go driving down the street...

Once a year in our grand ole' town. We have the tradition of putting a float in the light parade. This year it was Trent who thought of what we could do for our float. We weren't going to put one in, but Trent came up with a grand idea for one, so we put it together last minute. It was fun to spend time with Trent and not argue. I think because we both knew what this project's meaning was for the both of us. I was greatful that he had the idea to make this float! We of course dedicated it to my gram's as she is fighting this awful disease.

Here are a few other floats that were there. Don't judge the quality of the pictures. Sometimes my camera takes good pics, sometimes not.

It was a short parade, but it was really really nice. We then went to the fair building to see Santa!!! I got a picture of my nephew Jack sitting on Santa's lap. As you can see he doesn't exactly know what to think of him... it was funny.

I got some priceless photo's of Santa with my Mom, Trent and I, and then finally the best one of all... My Grams. It was the best to see her with Santa.

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